Quick Answer: What Is A Good Security Question?

What is the secret question?

A secret question is a question/answer combination that only the person who creates it should know.

They may be used as an added layer of security upon login, but are more commonly used in password retrieval..

What is a security question answer?

A security question is form of shared secret used as an authenticator. It is commonly used by banks, cable companies and wireless providers as an extra security layer.

What is a good security question for E transfer?

A good question is one where the answer cannot be easily answered, for example, “what is your mom’s middle name?”, or “what is the secret password I gave you?” It’s a good idea to agree on a shared secret security question before sending the Interac e-Transfer.

Are security questions safe?

Security questions aren’t bad in theory; it’s in practice that they start to come with strings attached. But this is something you can guard yourself against. If you’re taking security questions seriously, make them unique and don’t reuse them. Reset them if you think your account may have been compromised.

What is GTBank secret question?

A GTBank secret answer is an answer only the customer knows for a specific question. The answer is used to verify the user’s identity on some occasions.

What is a hint question?

: a small piece of information that helps you guess an answer or do something more easily. I can’t tell you the answer, but I’ll give you a hint.

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What does security mean?

safetySecurity means safety, as well as the measures taken to be safe or protected. … Often this word is used in compounds such as a security measure, security check or security guard. The security department in a business is sometimes just called security.

What is Google security question?

Answers to security questions If you’re asked a security question and you: Don’t remember the answer: Take your best guess. Know the answer but didn’t recover your account on your first try: Consider a different variation of the answer. For example, try “NY” instead of “New York” or “Phil” instead of “Philip.”

How do security questions work?

How security questions work. The idea is simple: when you create an account, you provide the answer to a question of a personal nature; ideally, a question only you know the answer to. That answer is recorded, and should you ever need to confirm that you are the legitimate account holder, they ask you that question.

What are the best security questions?

What was your childhood nickname? In what city did you meet your spouse/significant other? What is the name of your favorite childhood friend?

What are examples of security questions?

Example QuestionsWhat was the house number and street name you lived in as a child?What were the last four digits of your childhood telephone number?What primary school did you attend?In what town or city was your first full time job?In what town or city did you meet your spouse or partner?More items…

What questions do they ask at a security interview?

Security Guard Interview QuestionsDescribe a time when you used teamwork to solve a problem at a previous security job. … Describe a time when you had to deal with an assault. … Tell me about a time you successfully dealt with an angry member of the public. … Describe a time when you felt as if you were in physical danger on the job.More items…

How can I set my security question?

Android mobile app Tap Settings. Tap Update Security Questions. Tap a security question to update that question. Tap the new question you’d like to use.

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